Researching Democracy, Freedom and the Right to Vote.

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The Basics

The Basics

To inform on all aspects of the right and privilege of  United States citizens to vote in public elections.

The group participants will research related topics with the intent to write, organize, create, produce and publish an issue of a magazine called VOTE !

Investigating topics including but not limited to Democracy, Freedom, Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, Taxes, State & Federal Government, Human Rights, Civil Rights, Woman’s Suffrage, Economic & Environmental Issues, Education & Health care Issues, US Presidents, Political Parties, Freedom of Information Act, NH Right to Know Law, Current Events.

     Schedule:         Four Thursday’s each month
A Morning Session 10:00-11:45    Lunch 11:45-12:15     B Afternoon Session 12:15-2:00

Session Focus
Week 1         A History                                          B Literature

Week 2         A  Art History & Art Technique        B Chemistry & Math

Week 3         A Graphic Design Technique             B Government

Week 4         Field Trip          

Fees       $10 per class, $40 per month     $360 per year Sept.-May    
 High Finance


     Magazine contributions
Design Input   Articles   Book Review   Interview   Photograph    Art work   Quotes   Advertisement
     Possible Research Projects
 A President & His Political Campaign
 Pick a Political Issue: Environment, Economy, Education, Health Care, etc.

Freedom: A History of US by Joy Hakim
Is Democracy Fair? The Mathematics of  Voting and Apportionment by Leslie Johnson Nielsen & Michael de Villiers
US Constitution Pocket Guide (Available at the first workshop for $2.00)
Extensive Reading list


Boston Freedom Trail   Concord & Lexington   Local Historical Society & Cemetery   State Legislative Session
Court Hearing   Museum of Fine Arts   Thoreau's Walden Pond   Washington DC

Ages 13 and up with Group size limited to 15 participants
Peterborough Teen Center (website  ) 40 Grove Street

Loose Leaf Notebook
2 Notebooks or one 2 subject notebook-one for general notes and one for Chemistry Lab Reports

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